our story

greek from greece started out of a family tradition of passion for Greek cuisine and its place in the rich culinary tradition of the Mediterranean.

The company story can be traced back to Athens, Greece more than a century ago. There, our great-grandparents started what would become a long line of family bakeries that prepared traditional baked goods that not only sustained the local community, but became part of it.

The values that guide us today were imprinted into our company culture back then; nutritious, quality produce sourced directly from Greece and freshly prepared in-store with ample care.

Those values never left us. And not only did they never leave us, but we imprinted them on our company culture. We still prepare our menu like we did back then; using the finest staples of the Mediterranean, sourced from carefully vetted and selected Greek producers, chosen not only for quality of production but also for agricultural sustainability. We still do it following traditional family recipes handed down by one generation to the next. And we still serve every last one of our customers with the same dedication as we did back in Athens, all these years ago.

Our offerings are characteristic of the Mediterranean diet. Pies with crusty dough, savory delights, pastries and sweets, coffees, and authentic recipes characteristic of the Mediterranean taste palette.

But greek from greece is not a place to just enjoy your breakfast, lunch or meal during the day. It is a place to immerse oneself in the Greek gastronomy and the Mediterranenan’s rich and diverse taste palette, whether it is on the go, whether it is ordering at home, or on a Sunday stroll by the water.

After all, as the name says, it is

greek from greece